Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, 2-Pack Bag Set, Akeeko Zip Lock Seal Sandwich Snack Bags Food-grade Ideal for Vegetable, Snack, Fruit, Liquid, Meat and Microwave Freezer Dishwasher Safe

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  • ♻️ REUSEABLE ECO-FRIENDLY BAGS – Ever wondered how much waste single use bags create? Plastic is major landfill problem across the world – it’s extremely important to do your part! Akeeko reusable silicone food-grade bags can be used over ten thousand times over from the natural silicone to save your money and the planet.
  • ♻️ PREMIUM SILICONE BAGS – Made of high-quality durable silicone, Akeeko bags contain no BPA, no PVC, and no latex. Keep your food safe from contaminants in Akeeko bags. Our reusable ziploc self-sealing bags are made to last, we specifically did not cheap out on thickness and quality to promise our bags can be washed and reused for literally thousands of times: meaning you can remove single use food bags off your shopping list forever!
  • ♻️ LARGE BAG FOR YOUR SANDWICH – The fully functional storage bag set comes with a large and small bag which is perfect for lunchboxes and pack lunches, keeping your sandwiches and snacks fresh and tasty for many hours after storing. The bags also standup on their own making it easy to fill with soups or liquids.
  • ♻️ DISHWASHER AND MICROWAVE SAFE – Due to the premium quality silicone the bags are safe for use in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher, boiling water, and oven from -58 up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, and super easy to clean and dry with easy access from the large opening, the bags also feature unibody design to prevent rips and are worry-free to turn inside out to wash thoroughly.
  • ♻️ TRY OUR BAGS RISK FREE 💯 – If for ANY reason you aren’t completely satisfied with these bags, please let us know and we will refund or replace your purchase! Simply contact us by clicking on the “Akeeko4Planet” store and then click on ask a question.

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Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, 2-Pack Bag Set, Akeeko Zip Lock Seal Sandwich Snack Bags Food-grade Ideal for Vegetable, Snack, Fruit, Liquid, Meat and Microwave Freezer Dishwasher Safe

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, 2-Pack Bag Set, Akeeko Zip Lock Seal Sandwich Snack Bags Food-grade Ideal for Vegetable, Snack, Fruit, Liquid, Meat and Microwave Freezer Dishwasher Safe

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, 2-Pack Bag Set, Akeeko Zip Lock Seal Sandwich Snack Bags Food-grade Ideal for Vegetable, Snack, Fruit, Liquid, Meat and Microwave Freezer Dishwasher Safe

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, 2-Pack Bag Set, Akeeko Zip Lock Seal Sandwich Snack Bags Food-grade Ideal for Vegetable, Snack, Fruit, Liquid, Meat and Microwave Freezer Dishwasher Safe

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, 2-Pack Bag Set, Akeeko Zip Lock Seal Sandwich Snack Bags Food-grade Ideal for Vegetable, Snack, Fruit, Liquid, Meat and Microwave Freezer Dishwasher Safe

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, 2-Pack Bag Set, Akeeko Zip Lock Seal Sandwich Snack Bags Food-grade Ideal for Vegetable, Snack, Fruit, Liquid, Meat and Microwave Freezer Dishwasher Safe

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, 2-Pack Bag Set, Akeeko Zip Lock Seal Sandwich Snack Bags Food-grade Ideal for Vegetable, Snack, Fruit, Liquid, Meat and Microwave Freezer Dishwasher Safe

Product description


Akeeko reusable silicone food bag kit is the perfect premium, extremely high use and easy to clean reusable silicone food bags that keep your lunch fresh and help do your part to save the environment. The silicone food storage bags are safe, BPA Free, strong and long lasting.

Although competitor bags are good for storing small snacks, we designed a food bag that was made for lunchboxes.

With the larger bag easily fitting sandwiches and rolls, the small for snacks to separate like nuts or berries. The zip lock seal ontop, keeps the bag well vacuumed to ensure your lunch stays fresh and tasty for longer!
As we know our lunch bags will be everyday use, we ensured they are made to last with thick and durable premium silicone. The unibody design ensures the bag doesn’t rip, and is also leak and waterproof.
Also due to the stand-up design, the bags can easily stand on their own making then great for storage, you can easily fill the bags with soups or liquids and they also compress down saving more space than plastic containers
On top of this: being dishwasher friendly and featuring a larger bag opening for easy access when drying the Akeeko bags are designed to be reused literally endlessly. Meaning you won’t have to buy lunchbox bags ever again: giving you a lifetime of saving and the environment a lifetime of saving on landfill.

The set includes:
– Sandwich bag x 1, 7.3*7*5.9 Inches
– Snack bag x 1, 7.3*3.8*5.9 Inches

Do your part to save the environment and have a literal return on your investment for not needing to buy single use bags again.

  1. Love the savviness of reusable silicone bags vs. throwaway Ziplocs. However, I had the silicone bags with the sliding bars and O. M. G. they were impossible to open/close. No one wanted to use them! These are great! Family-friendly and a total dream to use, comparatively.

  2. Instead of wasting all of these ziplock bags, I went with the reusable bags. These bags are easy to wash(dishwasher safe) and save me tons of money. I think I am going to get more, since I have 3 kids, I will need 3 sets.

  3. I’m trying to be more sustainable and have several reusable silicone bags, but all of them requires an extra piece to close the bag. I like these because they are just like ziplock bags in that you just press the top together and they close shut. I just wish that it came in a bigger set because I know I will be using more than two bags at a time, especially for my snacks at work. This set comes with a larger bag that holds 800ml and a smaller bag that only holds 300ml. Because these are silicone, it can hold hot foods and liquids as well, but I will probably just use these for fruits and nuts. It comes with a thank you note for saving the planet!

  4. I replaced plastic zip lock bags with silicone ones are I am quite satisfied with its quality. I was expecting stronger zip so I can put liquid in it and not worry about spilling.

  5. They look exactly like the picture! I love the color and I think they are both perfect sizes. The zip top seal is soooo nice and easy to use, I definitely prefer these! The only reason I docked one star is because of the price. The quality and product is great but that price for only two bags is high compared to other products, where you can get more for less.

  6. Great reusable bags. They are a bit smaller than expected but they are very thick and the seal is really good. They also stand up on their own which is great so you can put liquids in them. Overall really good bags.

  7. Love love love these! Similar to Stasher bags. I love the fresh color and how easy they are to seal. I have another variety that requires a plastic piece at the top too seal, and these are much easier and efficient. I love their shape also, at it allows them to hold a lot. It works well to wash them in the dishwasher and air dry after. There are good instructions included with them. I appreciate a good instruction sheet or company info with details and no typos. 😊

  8. I use the small one everyday to carry my trailmix. It fits in my bag and even when Flipp and tossed it stays closed. And they are very easy to clean. Just a quick rinse no soap needed.

  9. I’ve been trying to go green as much as possible and these bags are making it easy! I love that they seal on their own and they’re also really easy to clean. I can use them for snacks or in the freezer or leftovers. These silicone bags are my new favorite!

  10. What a cool invention. These reusable silicon bags stand up on their own with their flat bottoms. They wash up easy, hasnt rip or tore yet. The zip lock zippers hold food in and doesnt leak. And best of all they are reusable and help the environment

  11. Material is thick and it sits without tipping over. Great investment for my zero waste lifestyle, I saw some at Whole Foods and this seems better quality. I really like the measurements on the side and how it came with a cotton pouch too

  12. I go through a lot of sand which bags for lunch so I’d figure i get a reusable one. This is easy to use, fits your standard sand which and is dishwasher safe (huge plus). I just throw it in after work. It can also be sued as a sous vide bag, but I haven’t tried it yet (it would have to be pretty small though).

  13. These are great! First of all, upon opening the package 📦 I saw they were stored in a nice burlap drawstring bag. I like that I will be able to reuse the burlap bag for storage of the sandwich bags. I got these because I wanted to cut back on unnecessary spending and using of plastic baggies. I mean why would I NOT want these? They are super cute, eco-friendly, and you never need to buy them again! You just keep reusing over and over. They are also dishwasher safe which is important to me! I hate washing my hand 🖐 😄.

  14. These are so substantial! I love these reusable bags. We do a lot of boating & fishing offshore and I’ve been placing my lunch in these and placing in the cooler. They don’t fill with water and help keep the sandwich and snacks insulated and protected. I am so pleased to be using these instead of throwing away ziplock bags every day. These also wash very easily with warm water & soap. Very impressed with the quality.

  15. Love how I can reuse the bags. How it not only keeps food fresh in it. It also can hold liquid things. And actually hold the liquid inside. Great product.

  16. Absolutely love these. Wife made my lunch and used both of them, kept my sandwich fresh, and my snacks were great. They seal nicely, are pretty heavy duty. Washed up nice and easy. Haven’t tried microwave but not sure I would. Overall very happy with them so far.

  17. This are so thick and durable while still being lightweight enough to take up less space and weigh less than other containers. The color is so cute! They can hold quite a bit and the feel is very pleasant, not sticky at all. I LOVE these so much! I’m placing another order for more.

  18. Love the material and how easy it is to close and clean. The two sizes are just right and hold food extremely well. No leaks! Would recommend to friends, might even get more packs for myself.

  19. These bags are high quality and hold their seal pretty well throughout the day! I love that they’re reusable and more environmentally conscious.

  20. The initial cleaning process is a bit time consuming, but only needs to be done once. These bags are very thick, much thicker than the other reusable bags I own. They also have a flat bottom so that they can stand up or hold food that you don’t want getting squished by a flat bag. I love them for crunchy snacks and sandwiches. They also have liquid measurements listed on them.

  21. I have really enjoyed this product! They are thick and very durable. No leaks. Seals air tight. I really love that we will be reducing our family’s carbon footprint by using these. Can’t wait to order more!! Thanks for a great product that I can feel good about using!

  22. I really like this silicone bag set. They are durable stand up bags with wide opening. I wish they can made bigger bags for meal prep.Just keep in mind that they hold liquid, but it will burst if you have it up side down.

  23. This is such a great idea. I am trying to use less disposable plastic and these reusable bags are great to pack up Thanksgiving leftovers or to pack lunches for work. They are leak proof and the closure is easy to use and to know when it is fully engaged. I only wish they sold them in bigger multi packs.

  24. These bags have a super cute and attractive design which would make it really great for a gift. The zipper is really beefy so I was worried that it would be hard to zip. That is totally not the case! They are super easy to zip and require less force than many of the reusable bags I have.One feature I love about this product (and that for me it justifies the price) is the fact it is durable enough to wash in the dishwasher. This product seems to be very well made. I like that the design means that the bag stays a little bit open so that when I put it upside down in the dishwasher, it looks like the water will actually get inside the bag.The only thing I don’t really like about this product is that it has line markers for milliliters. I just don’t think that they would be accurate. how much the bag hold would depend on how wideYou have the bag open. So I just don’t think this feature is helpful.Other than that I am really pleased with them and they are probably the cutest reusable bags I have.

  25. This product turned out to be better than I expected. I was expecting a thin silicone reusable bag but I received a product that is of greater quality and thickness. The bags even have markings to measure liquids. I filled the bags with water and let them sit upside-down for a few hours to check for leaks and a good fit – there was no leakage. I even dropped the bags from a height of 6 feet (while filled with water) in to the tub to test if they would open but they retained the seal and the contents. Would recommend.

  26. i decided to try reusable storage bags and searched around. these had some pretty good reviews and was a decent price. They arrived fairly quickly. They are easy to clean and wash, and the seal is sturdy and doesn’t pop open. It keeps everything in tact and fresh.

  27. Very well made product. I’m altogether impressed by it. The silicon is thick and not flimsy , and the zipper connects easily. I have no worries about putting it in the dishwasher, which is important to me!

  28. I was pleasantly surprised by these bags! They are actually leak proof, and the seal is secure enough that I’m comfortable putting slightly liquid foods inside (eg melon, yogurt) and putting the bag in my lunchbox. The other nice thing is that they are fairly stiff, so will stand up on their own. This is nice for snacking, but if you are looking for a bag that can be folded and stuffed somewhere after use, it may not be the best. They also have ml markings on the side, but they only go part of the way up the bag, so not great for portion sizing, but a good rough estimate.They didn’t have any smell, which I was concerned about, and have washed up easily.

  29. These bags are awesome! I’ve had them for a couple weeks and love them! If you’re looking for a sustainable way to pack your lunches, loom no further. These bags are durable, leak proof, and super easy to clean! I put everything from fruit to spaghettio is in here and haven’t had a problem. I throw them on the top rack of my dishwasher to clean them and have never had a problem with them melting or not getting clean.

  30. Sturdy reusable bags. I like that it can hold items with liquid since it can stand on its own. It was easy to clean and nothing stuck to the inside of the bag. Easy to seal and good size.

  31. I really like these containers. They seem to be a good alternative to stasher bags at a much more affordable price. They can be a little tougher to make sure full zipped compared to stasher. But as long as you pay attention and zip fully shut, they are leakproof. Much better than many other options I’ve tried. And WAY BETTER than any bags that use a slider bar for dealing! I also like the flat bottom and that they truly stand up on their own. The smaller size had been great for soups and cereal. Haven’t had a long time but quality seems good for durability.

  32. These are awesome! I’ve purchased another brand before that were so flimsy. These are so sturdy and durable! Lunch was still fresh. Bye bye ziploc!

  33. I like the thickness of these bags. I think it is great to be able to re-use these over and over again. I like the translucent color, so I can still see what’s inside. I hope to use these for years to come!

  34. Great product for a sustainable environment. We are focusing on reducing plastic usage. This is ideal for leftover materials.Stand up feature helps store liquids or curries as well. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

  35. These silicon reusable bags are honestly so cool! Very versatile and made of quality silicon. I’m really really impressed at how thick and nice they feel. One is a snack size while the other is sandwich bag sized and both include measurements on the side to show how much it can hold. The package includes directions for first cleaning and usage which is very appreciated. I’m excited to start living more green and eliminate single use plastic with these reusable bags.

  36. I currently have an entire drawer full of silicone bags. All of the other ones have a separate piece that you use to seal them. I didn’t really mind it too much, but some times it gets stuck and is really difficult to get on or off. I love the design of this that it is exactly like a ziplock bag.Not only is the one-piece design easier, it stands up on its own so easily, so I don’t have to worry about it falling over while I am trying to pour something into it. I wish all my bags were like these!

  37. Washed and cleaned like instructed, and there is no smell even coming straight out of the box. Love that it is able to stand up and is microwave/dishwasher safe. Put my lunch in it and microwaved it right in the bag then ate out of it too. Convenient and doesn’t take up much space. Material seems durable and the seal is durable with no leakage. Will probably order a few more for snacks and things. Would love to try a souvide in this bag.

  38. I am all for reusable products. Thsi is my second purchase of reusable ziplock bags.I really like Akeeko bags because there is no hassle of using the slide to secure the contents. My previous purchase had the slide and sometime it does not slide very easily if your hands are greasy.Akeeko bags have a nice base and are perfect to carry sandwiches and small sliced fruit.I am not sure of the durablility so giving it 4 stars

  39. I use this for my lunch bag and I like the two sizes. The large one fits a sandwich perfectly! I ended up using the small one for some small chicken wings which were saucy and the silicone worked great for this. However I did find that if i had too much air in the bag it would sometimes pop open during travel which isn’t a big deal because I would never put any liquid in them, but i feel like that kind of defeats the purpose of a closed bag. Overall, glad to be helping the environment and love the color and simplicity of them!

  40. I haven’t personally tried to purposely poor out anything that I have put in it. The ends seal up on very nicely! I like that they don’t have a smell! Makes me happy to put in my food without being fearful of it tasting like the smell. Good for cold or hot items!

  41. I live a Plastic waste free lifestyle, and these are amazing for a replacement for ziploc baggies. These silicon reusable baggies can be washed and reused over and over again. A big plus for me! I am surprised with the amazing quality and thickness of it, I had bought some reusable bags a few months back but it doesn’t compare to the quality of these. Very thick and great for on the go snacks and sandwiches! I’ve used it already and I love that it is leak proof a definitely must for me and my kids. Will definitely be buying more!

  42. I previously had clunkier, recyclable food silicon storage bags. They were complicated to use and just a bother in general. These are so much sleeker and easier — they make a great addition to any household. I would recommend!

  43. Pros: This set comes in a cute storage bag to use for storing them when not in use. The directions for preparing for 1st use were clear and well written (no obvious spelling/grammar errors). The bags close like a dream and the seal is tight, no leaks after leaving them upside down overnight. There are graduated markings for liquid measurement which I like.Cons: The price for these in my opinion are a bit high for the quantity that you get. While the point is to save money and the environment from buying plastic storage bags, this price point seems a little extreme for 2 bags. Also, while the bags close tightly and are leak resistant, I do warn that they open with little effort which would cause concern if these were put in a cooler and other heavier items rolled on top of them.

  44. I bought these as a part of trying to reduce my use of single use plastic. The quality is very nice! The silicone is a bit thicker and the bags stand up on their own. I like that they close easily without having any additional parts necessary to seal them. The color is beautiful but pretty much just like any food container, certain foods can stain them. (See the smaller bag in my photo) I will stick to using them for dry snacks and fruit in the future but I’m happy I can now grab these instead of plastic bags!

  45. Love my reusable bags. I’ve been going green and trying to find more bags to put frozen chicken/meat in. I buy the family pack of meat and hate using ziplock bags and then tossing them in the garbage. These work well to hold it, and wash well.

  46. I’ve been on the going green kick recently, so I’ve been building up my collection of silicone bags. These silicone bags are one of my favorite because they stand up on their own (aka the bottom is more solid). Only down side is because of the bottom, they don’t store flat; not a dealbreaker. I wish more came in the pack (you get two).

  47. New years resolution for 2020-minimize the plastic I use. I have bought several different sets and these are the sturdiest I have found by far. You only get 2, but those 2 are going to outlast me I bet. I gave it a 4 for easy to clean, but that is kind of the nature of the beast. If I dont want to generate plastic waste I either wash them or be gross. They seal well and havent spilled at all so I am pleased

  48. By far the BEST reusable bags I’ve used so far!!! This product is fantastic and I WILL be buying more! It is soft, durable and versatile. It closes so easily. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! It’s a must buy for all kitchens!

  49. It was nice that they came in a cloth bag for storing when not in use and also an extended 18-month warranty. They are good for lunch if you take sandwiches and/or boiled eggs. They are very easy to wash since you can make it inside-out and wash. The seal feels a little too smooth and like it might leak but it doesn’t so I am not complaining.

  50. I used this for the first for my daughter’s lunch and she placed it inside her backpack with a sandwich inside and she said that during lunch, the sandwich is still intact. The air helped as cushion because its sealed. It’s thich enough that even books and other stuff inside her backpack did not poke the silicon bag. Another good buy from Amazon.

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