SIOchef Premium Silicone Sous Vide Bags – Reusable, 256oz, 2 Gallon, 16 x 11 inches (2-Pack) (X-Large) - Large

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  • SIOchef: The first silicone bag exclusively for sous vide. Reusable and non-leaching means SioChef is better for the planet, better for you.
  • SAFE: made from 100% FDA-approved food-grade silicone. SIOchef is BPA, DEHP, and petroleum free. Also free of chemicals and dyes.
  • REUSABLE: Designed for hundreds of uses and washes. The round bottom design eliminates those tough-to-clean corners and makes washing easy and effective.
  • EASY-TO-USE: The extra-large capacity is intended specifically for Sous Vide. The 256 oz bag perfect for roasts, pork shoulder, multiple chicken breasts or steaks. The 128 oz bag perfect for steaks, chicken, fish.
  • SUPERIOR COOKING: 30% thinner vs other silicone bags for better heat exchange and extra-long design allows for superior air displacement (no vacuum sealer needed).

Product Images

SIOchef Premium Silicone Sous Vide Bags - Reusable, 256oz, 2 Gallon, 16 x 11 inches (2-Pack) (X-Large)

SIOchef Premium Silicone Sous Vide Bags - Reusable, 256oz, 2 Gallon, 16 x 11 inches (2-Pack) (X-Large)

SIOchef Premium Silicone Sous Vide Bags - Reusable, 256oz, 2 Gallon, 16 x 11 inches (2-Pack) (X-Large)

SIOchef Premium Silicone Sous Vide Bags - Reusable, 256oz, 2 Gallon, 16 x 11 inches (2-Pack) (X-Large)

SIOchef Premium Silicone Sous Vide Bags - Reusable, 256oz, 2 Gallon, 16 x 11 inches (2-Pack) (X-Large)

SIOchef Premium Silicone Sous Vide Bags - Reusable, 256oz, 2 Gallon, 16 x 11 inches (2-Pack) (X-Large)

SIOchef Premium Silicone Sous Vide Bags - Reusable, 256oz, 2 Gallon, 16 x 11 inches (2-Pack) (X-Large)

SIOchef Premium Silicone Sous Vide Bags - Reusable, 256oz, 2 Gallon, 16 x 11 inches (2-Pack) (X-Large)

Product description

Size:Extra Large

SIOchef: The sous vide bag for serious chefs and family chefs alike.

Microwave safe. Freezer safe. Dishwasher safe.

Compatible with all immersion circulators, includingAnova, ChefSteps Joule, Gramercy Kitchen, Gourmia, Kitchen Gizmo, and many more

X-Large size:
256 oz, 8 quart capacity, 16″ x 11″
Recommended when cooking for 2-4+ people. Holds short ribs, 2-3 steaks, 2-3 chicken breasts, etc.

Large size:
128 oz, 4 quart capacity, 13″ x 9″
Recommended when cooking for 1-2 people. Holds individual chicken breasts, steaks, fish fillets

Mix Pack:
One L and one XL bag

Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe or flip bag inside out and wash with soap and warm water.


  • Wash with soap and warm water before first use, or just throw in the dishwasher
  • For optimal cooking, use water displacement method; fully submerge food to remove all air from bag.
  • Fill SIOchef bag with desired food, do not seal. Slowly lower into water, allow air to escape and vacuum to form around contents.
  • Keep opening above water and secure bag to side of container
  • Use enclosed silicone fastener through top bag hole as needed


Extra Large, Large

  1. Typically use ziploc bags with my Anova sous vide and wanted something easy to use, with less waste, and less worry about sous-viding at higher temps (like veggies). These bags were easy to use, great result, and cleaned up easily.

  2. I’ve used these bags a couple times and have been impressed. Did a pulled pork and a short rib in these with no problems – they’re sturdy and large enough to hold several pounds of meat in each. My largest concern was around the lack of vacuum sealing, but that turned out to not be a problem. And hand washing them was easy. Re-usability is a definite bonus, as I’ve always felt a little guilty about throwing away the disposable sous vide bags.

  3. Size Large: Great for sous vide! Better for sous vide than the other silicone bags that I got, because the thinner silicone means that more air is able to be removed using the water displacement method, and because the longer design means that it’s easier to get more of the food into the water. Can fit a couple of steaks in there. Also easy to clean because there are no corners. Would not be good for food storage because there’s no way to seal these bags… but that’s not why I bought them.

  4. If you use sous vide at home then you need siochef. It is pointless to use plastic bags when these are available. Easy to clean with the rounded bottoms — who doesn’t love big round bottoms?I saw some reviews say there was a gas smell so I was worried but that was only when I first opened and it quickly went away after washing the first time. These are made with food grade silicone so I’d rather deal with a one time scent out of packaging and know the silicon is food grade than use plastic bags where BPA and other nasty chemicals are most likely leaking into the food I eat. There are some knock offs out there so make sure you’re not getting some cheap silicone. Anyhow, better than plastic that’s for sure, especially on long cooks.Much like other silicone items I have (my kid’s plates/bowls), you can clean very well by rubbing a cut lemon or lime on the product. Helps clean any residual stains or even scents from a previous cook.Also, not sure how someone ripped these. I accidentally had a sharp bone in one of mine and didn’t notice until halfway through the cook. I pulled it out to examine of things looked fine so I just broke off the jagged bone and put everything bag in.

  5. I use my Sous Vide machine a decent amount and have been searching for a good reusable bag to be more environmentally & health friendly as well as to eliminate the risk that bag breaks and I get waterlogged food. This bag by SIOchef fits the bill perfectly. The long design ensures that all the air stays out of the bag and allows the meat to submerged. The rounded design is genius and makes it super easy to clean which is extremely important when dealing sous vide juices. As far as cooking, I do not notice any difference between this bag and the Ziploc freezer bags I was using prior. On durability after 2 months of use the bag shows no sign of wear. I cannot comment on long term durability yet but it is made from high quality silicone and I am sure it will last a while. Great product, will definitely recommend to others.

  6. Does what is supposed to do. Easy clean. Takes some getting used to after baggies for so long. Feels odd using at first but does same job without the plastic. Just waiting for the 2 gal to become available.BTW, very nice and responsive company when asking about upcoming availability.

  7. I was so excited to come across these little guys as my boyfriend and I love sous vide steak, but I hate trying to clean the plastic bags and also don’t like the idea of having to throw them away after every use. These were a breeze to clean and worked very well for some sous vide filet mignon, and that best part? The steak didn’t float! Highly recommended!

  8. Really glad I purchased these. I was really excited to get a sous vide for Christmas until I started thinking about the fact that plastic is primarily the material used to encapsulate the meat which you are cooking. If you’re like me and paranoid about consuming plastic, and wish to reduce that risk (think how a water bottle sitting in the sun leaches plastics into the water, it only makes sense that even higher temperatures may cause a plastics to leach into your meat) these bags are the way to go. EASY TO CLEAN, just flip them inside out and scrub with soap and water and rinse. I have used these multiple times and was hopeful upon purchase. These exceeded my expectation.

  9. I’ve has a few silicon sous vide bags and this was the only one that could really do the water displacement method. Get these.

  10. Love these bags, they work great for sous vide. I was worried at first that you can’t seal them, but it’s no issue. They’re fairly rigid and stay put in the water pot, and the water displacement method effectively gets the air out around the meat so there’s no issue with it cooking. Easy to clean if you just flip it inside out.

  11. The first time we tried this we almost returned them. It needs to be weighted down somehow since the silicone floats. I recommend using a clean piece of silverware that won’t mess up the taste but will cleanly weight your bag.

  12. These are definitely thicker than vacuum sealer bags and I was concerned about how they would work for sous vide. However, they work very well with the water immersion method. The thickness of the silicone actually helps with durability.Cleaning is a bit awkward but not too bad with a brush and dish soap. I have not used a square bag but the rounded shape of these bags seems to help with cleaning. It is also easy enough to invert the bags for cleaning if desired.The bags will retain a bit of strong odors (it’s the nature of silicone) but will not impart those odors to the food.

  13. I’ve used these about 5 times now for burgers, steak and various veggies. So far they seem really durable, cleaning them is easy (I just turn it inside out after a quick rinse and scrub it then dry), and it saves me from wasting plastic Ziploc bags. Food cooks just as well and evenly as any other food bag I’ve used. I recommend getting the largest bags if you’ll be cooking meats a lot

  14. I believe this is a must for sv home cooks, especially those who are quite anxious to use their circulator due to the plastic waste. I have these bags in both sizes and use them extensively for long and short cooks.I find it easier to remove all of the air from the larger bag vs the smaller one, but it really is big so you won’t really put just a piece of chicken breast or steak in there.Cleaning it is also pretty easy. I just put some soap and water inside, eat my meal then clean it afterwards.

  15. I avoid the waste and hazards of plastic as much as possible but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll always find a good alternative. In this case it’s not only an alternative but this is BETTER. After using a few times they’ve become extremely pliable; water immersion forming to the food so well that it feels skipping the vacuum pack step hasn’t lost me anything. There are still some things that will require bags and vacuum packing but not much.

  16. These bags are very durable and very good. I have used them in freezer and sous vide. They are challenging to seal really well for the sous vide because of the thickness of the silicone and the design of the cinch type closure (which is like a zip tie you can re-use). It’s really hard to pull it tight enough to be waterproof. The bag is not big enough for a roast or a flank steak and the design of the neck closure means you lose several inches of bag height in order to close it properly and tight. I’ve used them but really wanted ones big enough for larger pieces of meat without cutting roasts in half. But these are the biggest I have found anywhere. Small families will probably be happy.

  17. I have been cooking sous vide for a while now, it was a great thing to get into having already owned a vacuum sealer.I got the silicone bag as a way to reduce waste and cut my spending on vacuum bags, but after owning it I’ve found that it’s far more convenient to use the silicone bag than the vacuum bags.If you’re new to sous vide, definitely go the silicone bag route. If you already have a vacuum sealer, consider the switch!

  18. i love LOVE these bags for sous vide. The two different sizes are great if i’m cooking chicken breasts, steaks or roasts…for my husband and i, this is perfect. Probably great for up to 4 people’s worth of meat too. So easy to clean because there are no seams and no corners…flip it inside out and wash and dry. AND they are nice and long so it makes using water displacement so much easier. Not for vacuum seal if that’s what you’re looking for. The thickness of these bags are perfect. I found other silicone bags to be too thick. These are not flimsy and i’m sure they will last a long time. So far, no odors have stuck to the bags but i usually just add salt only to the protein that i sous vide.

  19. I bought this product after looking for sone way to reduce the amount of plastic bags used in our sous vide cooking. Have had them for about a year and they are still going strong. Smaller bag is good for 2-4 steaks and the larger bag can accomodate a 5 lbs rib eye.Cleanup is easy, just turn the bag inside out and wash it.Would reccomend to all sous vide users to save on plastix bag usage.

  20. Like many who cook sous vide I dislike all the single use plastic but have found silicone bags too thick to form a good vacuum and hard to work with. Re-usable plastic bags are OK but hard to clean and the vacuums start to fail after several uses. Problem solved. I’m ordering more. The thinner silicone clings tighter and the design is brilliant. After two uses I really don’t see a downside.

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