Glass Drip-free Pitcher With Lid, Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Juice Pitcher For Homemade Beverage/Ice Tea/Milk/Coffee Serving - 2000ml

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  • ☆【PERFECT SIZE】1300 ml / 45 oz Capacity Carafe holds about five regular sized mugs water. 2.4-inch top opening, wide enough to drop in your ice cubes and fruit slices. 11-inch tall and 4.5-inch wide pitcher fit comfortably in your refrigerator door,as well as most importantly sealed well.
  • ☆【Dust proof Lid & Convenient Pouring】Dust shield -Silica gelfilter- Silicone seal ensure a tight seal, dust shield opens when water is pouring. 360°pitcher spout, easy to pour.
  • ☆【EASY TO CLEAN】 – Crystal clear glass bottle, smooth surface and detachable lid make cleaning effortless, hand washing is easy and recommended.
  • ☆【HEALTHY MATERIALS】 – Made of borosilicate glass with a SUS304 stainless steel food grade silicone top lid. The water carafe is thin yet durable with high hardness, thermal resistance, light transmission, perfect glass bottle is suitable for decanting and filling hot and cold water, tea, coffee, iced tea, and so on.
  • ☆【NOTE】 The pitcher wrapped in ample bubble pack within a box. No issues with delivery or breakage during shipping. And if you experience an issue with your Sotya product, get in touch with us for a repair or replacement. We’re grateful for the opportunity to learn from your experience, and we’ll make it better.

Product Images

Sotya 45oz/1300ml Glass Drip-free Pitcher With Lid, Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Juice Pitcher For Homemade Beverage/Ice Tea/Milk/Coffee/Serving Wine

Sotya 45oz/1300ml Glass Drip-free Pitcher With Lid, Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Juice Pitcher For Homemade Beverage/Ice Tea/Milk/Coffee/Serving Wine

Sotya 45oz/1300ml Glass Drip-free Pitcher With Lid, Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Juice Pitcher For Homemade Beverage/Ice Tea/Milk/Coffee/Serving Wine

Sotya 45oz/1300ml Glass Drip-free Pitcher With Lid, Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Juice Pitcher For Homemade Beverage/Ice Tea/Milk/Coffee/Serving Wine

Sotya 45oz/1300ml Glass Drip-free Pitcher With Lid, Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Juice Pitcher For Homemade Beverage/Ice Tea/Milk/Coffee/Serving Wine

Sotya 45oz/1300ml Glass Drip-free Pitcher With Lid, Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Juice Pitcher For Homemade Beverage/Ice Tea/Milk/Coffee/Serving Wine

Sotya 45oz/1300ml Glass Drip-free Pitcher With Lid, Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Juice Pitcher For Homemade Beverage/Ice Tea/Milk/Coffee/Serving Wine

Product description





【Professional Grade Borosilicate Glass Pitcher】

Borosilicate glass is meant to be light-weight but so stury. BPA free, withstand temperature -20°C ~150°C/-4°F~302°F. Refrigerator Safe & Stovetop Safe(small fire suggested). It is clear ultrapure glass and fully recyclable because it is lead-free. The presence of impurities and color light is very limited, making it clearer, lighter and more practical.

【Easy to pour water】

Narrow neck design enables a comfortable gripping. Silicone stopper fits the smooth-finish mouth just right, all are rendered to meet your concern. Just tilt the pitcher to pour and the top of the lid rises to let liquid out in a controlled manner, without spilling ice cubes or lemon slices.


The lid is composed by a stainless top cover, a food grade silicone bottom stopper, a baby safe silicone filter and a stainless stem that holds items together. You no longer have to worry about losing the lid of your water bottle lol. It is air sealed when the pitcher is closed. Opens itself freely when the liquid goes out.


5Sotya stylish glass carafe

So lovely and it’s bound to be a conversation piece whenever partner/friends/family see it. Would make a perfect holiday or wedding gift.

Brand: SOTYA

Color: Clear

Material: Borosilicate Glass / Stainless Steel / Silicone Seal. Lead-free / BPA free .

Capacity: 1300ml / 44.5 Ounce

Product Dimension: Dia Top 2.4 x Dia Bottom 4 x Height 11.2 inches

Packing Box: 5.1 x 5.1 x 12.8 inches

Product Name: iced tea pitcher / water carafe / glass pitcher / glass carafe / tea pitcher / glass water pitcher / drink pitcher







Party with friends / Family gathering


1300ml, 2000ml

  1. The pitcher looks nice on my counter top and the size is generous. I like the design of the lid that makes it easy to pour liquid out without spilling. This will be my new pitcher for honey and citrus tea for party! I also like that the glass material so that water can hold both cold and hot water.

  2. This Glass Pitcher is great quality! It’s really convenient for the Summer time! I put some lemon water and some juice in it! Put it in the refrigerator! It’s so convenient to drink! Get it for the Summer.

  3. The first thing that stood out to me about this pitcher is that it’s BPA free, lead free and they use food grade and baby safe silicone for the filter. Additionally, I can’t say that I have ever had or even known of a pitcher that has a dust shield to keep the liquids from getting contaminated from whatever is in the air.I would feel very comfortable using this pitcher when we are sitting outside for one of our family dinners. It’s always gross when you find an insect flew into your pitcher of ice tea, sangria or whatever else you’re drinking. I appreciate the precautions that this company took to ensure that this pitcher is not only safe for the entire family but it also protects your beverage from things that shouldn’t be getting inside. I also like that they use stainless steel and that the spout won’t drip all over the place.My only tip, make sure to push the lid on all the way or it will fall out. This happened to me once all ready. The glass is well made enough where it won’t break from you pushing the lid down, so push it down.

  4. This glass pitcher is similar in appearance to a wine carafe, with a graceful curved shape. The clever stainless steel lid and silicone stopper assure a tight seal. The carafe fits into my dishwasher, although it wouldn’t be practical to try to clean it that way. I have a long, thin silicone brush that works well for cleaning the interior. It is helpful, though, that the entire lid and stopper can be disassembled and washed in the dishwasher, The top opening is slightly over 2.25″ in diameter, wide enough to drop in ice cubes and pieces of fruit. Sangria. Yum!Borosilicate glass withstands heat variations. Be cautious about rough handling, though. It can break. I recently broke the jug on our electric coffeemaker by hitting its rim against something in the dishwasher. Best to reserve this lovely carafe for serving.

  5. It’s really light but durable. I like that it’s clear so you can see what’s in the container without pulling it out and opening it up like plastic containers. Also the glass cleans up very easily. No staining like in plastic. This pitcher also has a rubber coaster like bottom. So when I set it on the counter I know it won’t break and it doesn’t slip off anything. It’s perfect.

  6. Review of Sotya 68oz/2000ml Glass Drip-free Pitcher With Lid, Juice Pitcher, Glass Water Carafe.The pitcher is a very simple lightweight pitcher but the slightly wider mouth is great because it is easier to add ice or sometimes flavorings or garnishments. The larger mouth also is more forgiving when pouring liquid into the pitcher so there will be less accidental spillage and waste which is an additional bonus if handling hot beverages.The pitcher reportedly is dishwasher safe but since the opening is much smaller than the diameter of the body a dishwasher is not the appropriate method to cleaning so follow the recommendation by seller – hand wash.When first opening the package the lid seemed to be more intricate than expected since it consisted of five parts but after inserting the lid this is absolutely great. The lid fits securely into the pitcher while the stopper snaps into the lid preventing spillage. The deepness of the lid nearly eliminates dripping.Really not much more to say except that this is great for everyday use and am very pleased with the product.

  7. I ordered this Sotya juice glass pitcher and I was pleased to find out that it is actually lightweight, stylish and elegant, and I really like it. The pitcher also comes with a lid and which is different from other pitchers we had in the past. The top stainless steel is also very helpful for cleaning and drying after use. It has been very refreshing for us to use this hot Summer and we have been using it as we had lots of guests this Summer. Although it could be used for hot beverages I don’t recommend. I also don’t recommend putting it in the dishwasher even though it is dishwasher safe it does seem like it would break due to how thin the glass is. It could easily be bumped in the dishwasher as it happened to use twice. The water pitcher has a large capacity and can hold 2 liters of water for us to use. I also like the drip- free spill proof bottle pourer which opens automatically as the content moves through it.

  8. I wanted a half gallon glass pitcher to replace my tea stained cheap plastic ones and this did just that. It’s comfortable when pouring and the lid is great. I don’t have to worry about it not being covered, spilling, or the hassle of taking the lid on and off. It will withstand extreme temperatures so no concerns about it shattering either.

  9. The Sotya Borosilicate Glass Carafe is my third pitcher, and it stands out as the most versatile and attractive one. (See the lineup in photo 1.) It looks more like a wine carafe than a pitcher. I am not sure if it is double walled, but it looks and acts more like my Boudin double walled glasses because it does not sweat much and will handle both hot and cold beverages. (See photo 2.) The lid is a modern marvel; it opens when I pour liquid out of the carafe without my touching it and seals itself automatically when the carafe is turned upright. Although svelte and sexy, the pitcher’s shape has one drawback. It fits in only one place in the frig, alongside the milk on the door. (See photo 3.) If I could, I would give this 4 ½ stars for this reason.

  10. Light weight but so stury. I got this one two weeks ago and I use it every day for ice tea .so easy to clean especially since my hand fits inside the pitcher without any problems .

  11.  I absolutely LOVE this glass pitcher!! It’s the perfect size and it isn’t heavy! I love the design of the top with the stopper in it! I’m so happy to have this! I’m not giving it high marks because I was fortunate enough to try it for free! I tell it like it is,regardless! It’s a delicate looking pitcher that would be great for any occasion! I’ve got mine filled with water and fresh lemons, chilling in the fridge!You will love this one!! I’m ordering some for gifts!!❤️

  12. I got this pitcher for a party to serve punch in and it’s gorgeous to have on the table, however, every time i poured a drink, I couldn’t help but put my hand underneath the support the weight. I have no reason to think that it would break (no cracking, or anything like that) it’s just that the handle feels so small in my hand and when the pitcher is full it can feel unbalanced. The spout it great – no drips or spills and you can pour from any angle. It’s also very easy to hand wash. My only concern is that it is thin and a bit more fragile that my typical plastic pitchers, so it will need to be stored somewhere it will not be bumped. Overall, a beautiful pitcher and a great piece to add to a serve set!

  13. Absolutely beautiful. This is so much better than any of those regular tea or koolaid pitchers. My favorite part of this it the way liquid flows out of the pour spout. I keep my refrigerator super cold and the liquid frosts to the little metal part of the top but I just turn it with my finger and it’s all good. I cannot wait to make some fresh lemonade in this. The only thing I would change, I wish the size was bigger to hold maybe a gallon because my husband drinks tea like crazy. Other than that I love this.

  14. Looks good and works great! This is a very nice looking pitcher with a great top that you can pour out of, but can also be made air tight. I’ve taken to using it for company and while I haven’t tried it yet, I think this will be perfect for Sangria. It’s visually appealing and comfortable to hold. I’ve only used it for cold items so far (summer here) but it’s performed like a champ.

  15. I’m not one to write reviews, but after buying and returning pitchers for various reasons I found the perfect one! I make tea everyday and wanted an airtight glass container to be able to steep it in and not worry about my tea absorbing other flavors from the fridge. It is also beautiful!

  16. I like it very much. Hot water and cold water can be loaded. You can put it in the dishwasher and wash it.

  17. I read the description and it says it made by special glass which is lighter than regular glass, heat-resistant and 100% lead-free. Good price to try and I use for cold beverage.

  18. I just got this yesterday, so can’t comment on durability yet, but I love the size and style. I have been making almond milk lately and this is perfect for the 3-4 cups I make, and it fits in the refrigerator door. It is a little too tall for other shelves, though. I had friends over today and one commented on how nice it was and asked where I got it. At first it seemed like the little lid wouldn’t fit down properly because it was a tight squeeze, but after using a few times, it seems to have settled in and it seems like a very good seal. 2 months later and I still love it. No problems.

  19. Good quality,best with it at party!

  20. This glass pitcher is so durable and so lightweight, the lid fits well, I use it everyday perfect size for me ,highly recommended for everyone who is looking for a great pitcher

  21. This is an awesome pitcher and does not drip at all. Highly recommend!!!

  22. This pitcher is the perfect size for making a day’s worth of iced tea, and the built-in filter helps to keep the bits of tea out of the pitcher. It fits in the refrigerator without taking up a ton of space, and it does not feel as fragile as other cut/blown glass pitchers I have used in the past. I am glad that it is glass and stainless steel rather than plastic. Make sure to get yourself a flexible bottle brush in case you leave liquids that have material in solution so that you can clean the pitcher due to its narrow opening.

  23. Could be used for any liquid, such as water, juice, wine and perfect for party. Also could be make a great gift.

  24. I absolutely love it for my iced tea…doesn’t take much of a room in the fridge…the pourer/lid is great. Easy to clean.

  25. I don’t usually write reviews, but this is just beautiful. You will not go wrong. It arrived in perfect condition and the liquid pours out beautifully.

  26. I bought two to serve water and tea. Look very nice and not too big. Pours great without drips.

  27. Awesome product…fast shipping…perfect item…well made and well shipped

  28. It’s great. The only thing negative (sorta) for me is I use it for storing smoothies, and because they tend to be thicker than juice, the liquid collects around the lid, where it dries and looks gunky. So I usually remove it B4 pouring.

  29. But it’s doing it’s job so far. The nozzle is good, so far so good

  30. The glass is a bit thin, but looks nice and works nicely so far.

  31. Bena.No derramas agua.Facil de manipular.Me gustó

  32. Not only does this pitcher never drip, it is very attractive and seems quite sturdy. Would recommend this product.

  33. This is a wonderful carafe. One of the features I most like is the thicker handle. I have had others and this seems to be the weak link where they all break. This handle is thicker and has a much sturdier feel to it. The lid seems airtight, and I have had no issues with off-tasting liquids. It is a comfortable weight even when full, which is important to me as I have RA and it can be very difficult and dangerous to have to lift heavy awkward pitchers. This feels sturdy and comfortable in my hands. And it’s nice to look at, great style.

  34. Lightweight. Do not buy if you don’t plan to treat it gently. That being said, it is PERFECT for anyone with a physical limitation on what they can lift. I am able to use it. Also, I fill it with water and lemons, set it on my WOOD end table and there is ZERO sweat. Zero. Husband was blown away. Super super pretty. Great design. I love it and would gift it, just haven’t had it long enough to say the item is durable. It’s glass, and very lightweight but that’s one of the main things I love about it. Sliced lemons fit perfect thru the mouth

  35. Great product

  36. Classy pitcher. Used at Christmas for water and iced tea. It was a nice edition to my serveware.

  37. Alot taller than expected with cover. Doesn’t fit in fridge

  38. It’s very very nice

  39. I bought these to use for premixed cocktails that had fruit etc in them and these look great and really did the trick. The top comes apart for easy cleaning and they did great in the dishwasher.

  40. I love this pitcher. When I first opened the box, I was thinking I should have ordered something bigger. But it’s the perfect size for my fridge. The lid is really cool, too. It pours kind of a wide stream, so just be ready for that. I think I will eventually order a second one.

  41. My husband and I got tired of lugging cases of bottled water. In Florida we drink lots of water. So we bought a zero water filter pitcher and we fill this pitcher to chill the water in the fridge. We had a plastic pitcher previously but the water tastes so much better from a glass pitcher. The large handle makes it easy to carry.

  42. AmaIng product. I make cold brew coffee for the week and leave it on this. It pours great and is of very high quality.

  43. I love it.

  44. Loved the look and the ease of use. I did find it difficult to clean, though. A long handled small brush to accompany the pitcher would be a plus.

  45. Expensive but Beautiful! Make sure to buy a brush to clean it. The neck is not wide enough to put your hand inside. It fits perfectly in my apartment sized refrigerator. Due to the cost I will not order a second one.

  46. It’s just a nice well made pitcher. No strange plastic taste and contents keep well.

  47. I really like it! Use to store tea 🙂

  48. I bought another one after 1 week of use. Loving it

  49. Hot & Cold beverages are easily created & stored in them

  50. Great purchase! You can’t go wrong with this pitcher…excellent product.

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