Weston Products 78-0301-W Dehydrator Netting Sheets, 13.9 by 10.6-Inch, Black

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  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Trim to fit your own machine
  • 10 sheets per pack
  • Measure 13.9" x 10.6"
  • For use with Weston Dehydrators
  • Allows you to dehydrate small foods

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Weston Products 78-0301-W Dehydrator Netting Sheets, 13.9 by 10.6-Inch, Black

Product description

For use with Weston Dehydrators.Features:- 10 sheets- Measure 13.9″ x 10.6″- Trim to fit. Keep smaller items like peas and corn from falling.

  1. It works!

  2. Works great!

  3. Just what I was looking for. Needed a bit of trimming for my dehydrator, but it was easy to do.

  4. This mesh is very useful for things beyond drying. I use these for my fermentation crocks to keep all of the food submerged beneath the stones. I cut them with scissors to fit the inner diameter of the crocks. The fact that you get 10 in a pack, it is tough to beat this kind of value.

  5. Just what i needed, exactly as expected and a decent price.

  6. This netting is perfect.My dehydrator is a different brand so I had to trim the sheets a little to fit my shelves.Very sturdy product that’s easy to cut with a pair of scissors.I put mine to work right away drying basil leaves.Most of my basil has bolted by now, but next year I’ll be able to dry and store much more.This netting would also work well to dry beans and many other things that would fall through without it.


  8. Just what I expected and needed

  9. Perfect for trimming to keep fermenting kraut below brine in a brining jar.

  10. Great item for dehydrating

  11. Works great to keep small pieces such as celery from falling through the grate when they shrink. Washes up easily.

  12. Initially I really liked these. Holes are really small, they cut easy to fit my dehydrator trays and work really well. But after several weeks of regular use, the corners are curling up. Hopefully turning them over will help but at the moment, they are full.

  13. so helpful. Takes so much time off drying..

  14. Used in a Coleman dehydrator. I set them on top of the regular racks for small grapes, and carrot shreds. Works great. they do slide around a little so fixing them in place somehow is now my next project. Not as stiff as I would have liked, but they do indeed work. I did run them through the dishwasher and they came out fine. All in all I give four stars.

  15. Worked well

  16. works great

  17. This is exactly what I was looking for. The quality and size of the netting allows for me to dry small seeds such as shelled pumpkin seeds without them falling through. It was easy to cut to size as well.I paid full price – I will comment that I will NOT buy from a seller who’s reviews are heavily saturated with ‘free or discounted’ reviews no matter how good the deal or high the rating. I don’t care how ‘honest’ they may sound, the slanted bias is undeniably there. My apologies if I offend anyone, but this is my humble opinion and how I choose to buy from Amazon.

  18. The sheets work above my expectations and I use them for more items than anticipated. They are one of the best purchases I have made on Amazon.

  19. These were easy to cut to size. I do a lot of dehydrating, and they work g reat.

  20. VERY nice product. A little trimming and it fit perfictly.

  21. haven’t had a chance to use these yet but they lay flat and i received them quickly so i think it was a good purchase

  22. They look perfect for my needs. I have not had a chance to use them yet though.

  23. These are great products. Was very easy to trim to fit the dehydrator trays. Used them to dehydrate some left over carrots and celery pieces. So glad I found these on Amazon. Will use them a lot more on herbs this spring.

  24. These screens worked great on my Cabalas dehydrator. They are a little short, but fit great inside the shelves.

  25. I am so happy I ordered these mesh dehydrator sheets. Our dehydrator manufacturer doesn’t sell separate drying sheets specifically for the model we bought. So when I saw these, I had to give them a go. They are somewhat pliable and were very easy to cut down so they can perfectly fit our dehydrator trays. Now I can use all six of my trays to dehydrate smaller pieces of vegetables on instead of only one. Great product!

  26. This product came at the right time and was easily trimmed to fit my trays.

  27. Good value! Works well for drying sliced fruits/vegetable. Can trim is too large for your tray. Durable and washable.

  28. Works well, small enough grid to dehydrate corn and blueberries.

  29. These are awesome to have when using dehydrators.

  30. Made them work

  31. I have a homemade fruit dryer and I placed these on my shelves and the fruit dried perfectly and did not stick on the netting.

  32. Good price for product. I had to cut them to fit in my dehydrator and did not have any issues cutting to size.

  33. Arrived on time and is the perfect grid size for drying small pieces.

  34. Awesome product. Easy to clean. Use them all the time.

  35. Perfect for what I wish to use them for all the small items

  36. These work great on my Cabellas dehydrator. The sheets are a little short on one side for my trays but the measurements given are accurate and the price is very good.

  37. It works for my needs

  38. worked as expected

  39. Works, but doesn’t fit the tray for the LEM dehydrator so you have to use more than one sheet or cut them to size.

  40. Looks like the edges may be curling after one use, but I hope not. They worked well. Hope they last.

  41. Only received 9 sheets but the quality of the ones I got were good. Just wished I got all 10 since I generally fill my 10 tray dehydrator.


  43. I got these sheets to custom cut and put in the mason jars, when I ferment veggies, on the top of the veggies, to help keep the veggies submerged in the brine.I cut a circle approximately 6 inches in diameter, then cut through to the center and cut a small hole in the center. The circle can then be shaped into kind of a ‘funnel’, placed in the jar over the veggies and then I place one of those glass fermenting weights on top to hold it all down. The small holes in the netting let the brine cover the veggies and yet keep the veggies down in the brine! VOILA! Moldy veggie problem solved!I suppose they would work well in the dehydrator too – but I’ve never used them that way…

  44. These things make removing food from the trays SO easy! Just roll it up stick an end in the storage bag and most of it just falls off into the bag. No fingering of each piece and a little bit of scraping with a a spatula and it’s done!

  45. I read some reviews that complained about curling. I didn’t find that to be so. They wash up great and the food doesn’t stick to them. Great value too.

  46. Yes they work, but I needed to clip them in place.

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